Terms of Use for Digital Files - HPC

By purchasing and downloading files from Handmade Pieces Company LLC you signify that you agree to the terms and conditions below. Handmade Pieces Company LLC reserves the right to change the policies and terms at any time without prior notice. By purchasing and downloading these files you understand that all sales are final upon receipt of payment.

Handmade Pieces Company LLC's Personal / Commercial Use Terms:

  • These files are NOT to be gifted, shared, copied, resold, altered, or used to create a new file being resold in any digital format whatsoever. No digital files containing my work are to be sold, even if adding to the design. I do NOT offer a license to use my digital work in other digital files at this time.
  • You cannot take any digital file and use them as bases/silhouettes and sell them digitally. This means taking the digital files and clipping a new pattern over the top or filling it with a new pattern. Specifically, monogram files are NOT to be used as design elements and can NOT be resold digitally with new patterns.
  • You cannot copy or create items which look similar to this design in order to get around these policies.
  • You cannot upload my files to any sharing site.
  • You cannot include the file(s) in free downloads.
  • You may not claim the design as your own.
  • Personal use of this file is acceptable (i.e. making gifts for family/friends).
  • Small business use to create an “end product” for sale (shirts, mugs, pillows, etc) is included in the purchase of the file. There is no limit on the amount of physical items you can make. You must make all items in house. No items can be outsourced. This includes drop shipping.
  • Printing these designs as transfers (such as but not limited to: sublimation, HTV, DTF, vinyl, screen print, white toner, inkjet, etc) to sell to others to press on their own requires a commercial license, which can be found in the license section of the shop and is also linked below. The license is a onetime purchase, does not expire, and is for unlimited use of transfer prints. Printing of transfers must be done in house. You MUST purchase this license if you have my designs advertised for sale as transfers. This license is NOT intended for digital file resale use or outsourcing. In buying this license, I will also need your business name and website link and/or Facebook group for my records.
  • Use of these files to use on a Print On Demand site including but not limited to Printful, Zazzle, or StickerMule is not allowed. No 3rd party printing is allowed. This includes sending the file to another business to print, uploading the file onto a gang sheet to upload at another business, Sawgrass GoExpressions platform or any other mass production website that offers third-party fulfillment were you upload the digital file.
  • You cannot outsource your items to be created using our designs.
  • These files may not be digitized for embroidery.
  • You may use my product photo images to promote interest in your group before purchase, but my watermark and/or logo MUST be visible. Please do not crop out/remove my watermark/logo.
  • You may not display my designs on websites without properly watermarking the image to protect it from being copied.

Handmade Pieces Company LLC maintains full copyrights and ownership of files indefinitely.

If you believe you have a unique circumstance or have any questions about these terms of use, please email us at sales@handmadepiecesco.com.

Thank you for respecting our terms of use.


Owner of Handmade Pieces Co.