About Me

I’ve always loved to tinker around, invent and create new things, which led me to my now professional career. When I finally got settled in a new city and new job, I started exploring other hobbies since I had more free time than in college! I found that I love designing and producing personalized decals and shirts, sewing, and dabbling in some embroidery from time to time too. My very first project I created after buying my sewing machine was a tshirt quilt. I didn’t know a thing about sewing, but was very determined and started and finished the quilt in two days! In mid 2018, I decided to turn my hobby into a business! I love creating custom pieces tailored to your unique personality. I had a fantastic response to making this a business and I love that I can continue to create and share it with others. Thanks for the support!



Here's a picture of a wall in my office that includes some wall art, embroidery hoops, cutting mats, and quilting rulers/squares.