Policies / Terms and Conditions

Business Hours and Communication

    Business hours are typically 8am-4pm ET, Monday thru Friday with the exception of federal holidays and any previous out of office postings. Messages, emails, and other forms of communication may not receive a response outside of these hours. All inquiries are responded to within 24-48 business hours.

    For any questions about items or to inquire about your order, please email sales@handmadepiecesco.com. Please do not message my personal Facebook page or utilize any other social media outlet for official means of communication.

    The “schedule post” feature is used frequently on the social media to keep up interaction and help the algorithm. You may see a new post since you have emailed, but that does not mean you will not be answered. We typically respond to every email/message as a soon as we read it, but in order to get orders out the door we cannot stay on the computer/phone all the time.
    Digital File Handling

    These files are NOT to be gifted, shared, copied, resold, altered, or used to create a new file being resold in any digital format whatsoever. No digital files containing my work are to be sold, even if adding to the design. I do not offer a license to use my digital work in other digital files at this time. Please direct anyone interested in our files to the website. Printing transfers of our designs to sell to others requires a license. Further details about terms of use for digital items can be found here.

    Handmade Pieces Company LLC maintains full copyrights and ownership of files indefinitely. If anyone is found misusing Handmade Pieces Company LLC's files or licenses, the licenses or exclusives will be voided and legal action may occur. 

    Please immediately save your files and back them up into cloud storage for safe keeping. Downloads are NOT saved to your account and it is not the responsibility of Handmade Pieces Company LLC to resend files due to lack of proper safe storage. 

    Digital File Software

    It is the buyer's responsibility to check for software compatibility before purchase. Due to various editing programs and software, I am unable to assist in technical questions. However, below are very helpful Facebook groups that cover common questions and are helpful if you need to post.

    Cricut for Beginners
    Silhouette for Beginners
    Photoshop for Beginners
    Inkscape For Crafters
    Sawgrass User Group
    Sublimation with Epson Printers


    Due to nature of personalization and that everything is made to order, Handmade Pieces Company LLC does not accept returns or exchanges. If you believe you’ve received an incorrect item, please email sales@handmadepiecesco.com within three (3) days of your item being delivered and we can work to find a solution!

    If requested by Handmade Pieces Company LLC, the item must be returned/mailed back for inspection within seven (7) days of initially reaching out. 

    If the item has been used or worn, the return will be not accepted and no refund will be granted. If a return is not accepted and you would like the item returned to you, you must pay for shipping. If the item is able to be replaced, no refund will be processed and the item will be remade. If the item is unavailable, a refund will be processed. In the event Handmade Pieces Company LLC remakes the item, there will be no changes other than correcting the mistake (no changes in thread color, sizes, etc.)

    Due to the nature of digital items, no refunds or exchanges can be made.

    In the event that a duplicate digital file was repurchased, a shop credit will be given for that amount.


    Due to the nature of digital items, no refunds or exchanges can be made. 

    On all physical goods, due to the preparation that goes into each order, cancellations are not permitted by the customer. 

    Handmade Pieces Company LLC will cancel and refund your order, minus a 10% fee, in the event of the following: 

    • In the event that your items and upcharges do not match and the upcharges are under (meaning you owe a balance). 

    • In the event that your items and upcharges do not match and the upcharges are over, you will be given store credit via gift card for the difference. 

    • If an item is ordered and the customization is not properly followed, the order will be cancelled and refunded minus a 10% fee.


    It is the responsibility of the customer to provide an accurate shipping address at checkout. The address will be used exactly as inputted by the customer for the shipping label. 

    If a product is returned to sender for any reason, the customer/buyer will be responsible for the additional cost to re-ship the item. If an item is delivered but the buyer is unable to locate it, please call your local post office as they have GPS coordinates and can help you locate it.

    Handmade Pieces Company LLC makes no guarantee of delivery dates as final delivery is by a third party service. Dates shown at checkout are estimates only.

    When an item with free shipping is bought, Handmade Pieces Company LLC reserves the right to determine what shipping class the item is sent as.

    Shipping Methods
    All packages will be mailed through USPS or UPS based on the buyer selection at checkout and will include tracking. The buyer will receive an email with the tracking number once the order has shipped. Please allow 24 hours for the tracking to update.

    UPS can NOT ship to PO Boxes. The buyer must utilize the USPS shipping methods for this delivery location.

    Route Package Protection is automatically added to every order on the site. When Route is purchased, the buyer can easily file claims for lost, stolen, or damaged packages in the unfortunate case that this happens. When a claim is filed, it will be reviewed for approval for a reorder or refund within 24 hours. This will be automatically added to your cart and is only 98¢ if your cart total is under $100. Fees then minimally increase for orders over $100. If the buyer chooses to remove Route for your cart, the buyer is then accepting responsibility for what happens to the package should an unfortunate situation occur. No store credit, refunds, or replacements will be sent on behalf of Handmade Pieces Company LLC.

    If buying digital items ONLY, please remove Route from your cart. I can NOT refund once you've purchased it. 

    Shipping Outside the United States

    The buyer is responsible for taxes and duties by the shipping carrier.

    Processing Time

    Please refer here for the latest processing times and additional important information regarding proofs.

    Order Add Ons

    At this time, combining of orders cannot be accommodated. Separate orders must be placed with the appropriate shipping cost applied. Additionally, if another order is placed through another platform (ie Etsy/Faire), those orders cannot be combined.


    All t-shirts (excluding wholesale orders) come "branded” with the business name “Handmade Pieces Co.” under the collar tag and a care instruction tag attached to the shirt tag. The care tag is removeable. 

    Stock Substitutions 

    While Handmade Pieces Company LLC tries to constantly update size and color options to accurately show what is in stock from various vendors, sometimes the certain size/color item you order may be backordered and not be able to arrive within my current processing time.

    Handmade Pieces Company LLC will reach out with via email with alternate options when needed.


    In order to consulate listings and have all options in one place, some listings have upgrades. The upgrade will show as a separate line item in your cart. Please do NOT adjust the quantity on these as each upcharge is tied to a specific item. If the buyer changes the main option and no longer requires the upgrade option, the buyer will need to remove the upgrade from the cart. 

    In the event that the items and upcharges do not match and the upcharges are under, your order will be cancelled and refunded minus a 10% fee.

    In the event that your items and upcharges do not match and the upcharges are over, you will be given store credit via gift card for the difference. 


    All wholesale orders abide by the previously mentioned policies (expect branding) in additional to the following:

    1. MOQ
    In order to keep prices low/true wholesale value, I typically have to require a minimum which can be found on each wholesale listing. When a minimum order quantity (MOQ) is set, any upgrade listing/add-on or upcharge and Route Shipping protection in the cart does NOT count towards the MOQ.
    A MOQ of five (5) is required at checkout (mixing and matching designs is okay). If you can show proof that you ran these items from HPC, the MOQ can be waived. Proof must be emailed to wholesale@handmadepiecesco.com. Please send this email with your order number in the subject line immediately after purchase.

    If you check that you meet the MOQ but are under and proof cannot be supplied with 1 day of your order being placed, you will be invoiced for the appropriate up-charges (difference to my retail cost). Your TAT will not start until the additional invoice is paid. If the invoice goes unpaid after 1 day of being sent, your order(s) will be cancelled and refunded minus a 10% fee.
    MOQ can also be waived if you drop ship items. Two separate addresses need to be entered at checkout. 
    Handmade Pieces Company LLC reserves to right to cancel and refund (minus a 10% fee) any order that we believe is for personal use or if we believe that no MOQ is being abused.
    2. Upgrades
    In the event that your items and upgrade charges do not match and the upgrade charges are under, your order will be cancelled and refunded minus a 10% fee.
    In the event that your items and upgrade do not match and the upgrade charges are over, you will be given store credit via gift card for the difference. 
    3. Customization/Incorrect Orders
    If an item is ordered and the customization is not properly followed (adding more text than allowed/requesting additional customization), the order will be cancelled and refunded minus a 10% fee. The item may be reordered following the normal customization requested.
    Other orders will not be cancelled and refunded due to the buyer agreeing to correct verification and customization when adding to cart and at checkout. 
    4. Branding/Packaging
    Wholesale orders do not come with any mention of my business name. This includes drop ship orders.
    5. Minimum Sale Price 
    At this time, there is not a minimum sale price for reselling of items as I recognize each location/market is different. Typical minimum pricing is $10-$12 above my price before shipping.
    6. Photography
    All photos provided by Handmade Pieces Company LLC must be watermarked before posting to social media / websites. Failure to do so can result in your wholesale account being cancelled and legal action. Additionally, as there are many embroidery sellers, please do NOT use images of Handmade Pieces Company LLC grouped with other sellers in advertising if you have no intent to purchase from me. 
    7. Intent to Resell

    Items sold by Handmade Pieces Company LLC at wholesale prices are only to be sold by the seller on their own individual website/Facebook group. Items are not to be resold in any destash/buy sell trade groups/wholesale groups or other sites such as Etsy or Faire as Handmade Pieces Company LLC retains the right to do so. 

    8. Upon Delivery

    Upon delivery, please inspect your order and notify Handmade Pieces Company LLC of any discrepancies/concerns within three (3) days of delivery. No items may pass on to the final customer.

    9. Wholesale Account
    To purchase wholesale, an accurate resale certificate or state equivalent form must be submitted before gaining access to the wholesale collection. You can register for a wholesale account here

    My vendor information is as follows:
    Handmade Pieces Company LLC
    7306 GA HWY 21, STE 101 #286
    Port Wentworth, GA 31407
    10. Dropshipping
    If a wholesale order is dropshipped (meaning I ship directly to your customer), your address is entered as the billing address while your customer’s information is entered as the shipping address. It is your responsibility to enter the addresses correctly and in the correct location. Your information should always remain as the billing address. Please refer to the shipping section for more information.

    Coupon Codes

    Only one coupon code per customer per transaction please. Coupon codes incorrectly used will warrant in your order being cancelled without notice. Coupon codes/discounts must be applied at the time of purchase and cannot be credited back after the purchase is complete.

    Coupon codes are NOT eligible for wholesale orders and items in the sample/blooper/clearance sections due to already low prices.

    Smile Rewards

    HPC rewards with Smile / HPC Perks. To earn and redeem points you must be logged into your account. Points are earned on total amount purchase, including taxes and shipping but excluding other discounts. If part of the order is refunded, points will be deducted/removed. This program is currently only available to our retail members.

    If your account is flagged as wholesale, you will not be eligible due to the high discounts already given. Only purchases from www.handmadepiecesco.com in which the member is logged in will receive rewards. Purchases from other platforms (ie Etsy) are not eligible for rewards.

    When redeeming your points, you will be issued a unique coupon code. The coupon code must be applied at checkout and cannot retroactively be applied. If a coupon code is applied, it will override any other automatic discounts or coupons. There is no way to combine codes at this time.

    Custom Orders and Exclusives 

    When requesting a custom order, please specify if you'd like an exclusive design. An exclusive will never be sold to another customer, nor will a design be created that may cause confusion between the two. An exclusive design is subject to another fee on top of the initial design cost. Please mention ahead of time if you'd like to have an exclusive design. Normal terms of use for digital files still apply to exclusives.

    Handmade Pieces Company LLC reserves the right to post previous custom orders for other customers, whether this is a digital design or finished physical item. Handmade Pieces Company LLC maintains full copyrights and ownership of files indefinitely.

    Custom Sublimation/HTV Transfers

    Please note that availability to print customs frequently changes and Handmade Pieces Company LLC may not always be able to accommodate the request. 

    If you have an image/file you’d like printed as a sublimation or HTV transfer, Handmade Pieces Company LLC can print it for you. At this time Handmade Pieces Company LLC is not doing custom artwork at this time for custom transfers.

    Please check where you bought the file/intend on buying the file to see if sending to another person to print is allowed without breaking the designer’s terms of use. Handmade Pieces Company LLC can buy the file instead and incorporate the cost into your purchase. 

    Handmade Pieces Company LLC is not responsible for the quality of the file as we print only what is received. 

    If an image is sent for an HTV transfer, a $5 one time fee per image cost will be added to your invoice. This is for adding cut lines to your image and adding proper bleed lines to minimize the white space around the image. Not very image is optimized for HTV transfers, so please keep this in mind when inquiring about a custom print. 

    Please email sales@handmadepiecesco.com to discuss custom transfers.

    Custom Sublimation Transfer

    Custom HTV Transfer Listing

    Custom Design Fee (One needed per HTV image)


    Handmade Pieces Company LLC creates many of our own files and hold many licenses to print other designer's art as prints. Please do not take images from the website and send them to another business to recreate.

    Handmade Pieces Company LLC reserves the right to refuse anyone’s business or remove anyone from our website, social media pages and social media accounts for any reason.

    Handmade Pieces Company LLC reserves the right to change the policies, terms and conditions of this shop at any time without prior notice.