Custom and Exclusive Orders

My availability to accept and create custom/exclusive  designs frequently changes and I am not always able to do so with my current workload. 

I do not and will recreate other companies designs under any circumstance.

A custom design is one that I create and sell to you. This can and may be listed for other customers to buy.

Exclusive files are subject to an exclusive fee in additional to the initial design fee. Exclusive files will never be re-sold. I reserve the right to create other files that may be similar in theme or re-using objects that were used in the exclusive in a different way. No other file created will be identical to the exclusive file or close enough to cause confusion. Please let us know AHEAD of time if you would like to keep a file exclusive. If you do not confirm and pay an exclusive fee, any file I create is not exclusive, and can be re-sold. 

Handmade Pieces Company LLC maintains full copyrights and ownership of files indefinitely.