Sublimation and HTV Transfer Differences

···Sublimation Transfers···
Sublimation transfers are intended to be used with at least a 50% polyester light colored clothing or sublimated coated substrates. For clothing, the higher the polyester count the better. The image will have a "vintage" look if the garment has a lower polyester count. The transfers will NOT have a watermark. They come ready to press! Sublimation transfers are a very popular method for creating bleached tshirts.

All transfers will look lighter on the paper than when actually pressed. Please note that any white area inside the image area will not print white. Printers cannot print a white color and therefore these areas will be the same color as the garment/blank you are pressing the image on. Additionally, these transfers must be used on light colored clothing. Sublimation transfers will NOT show up on black shirt/blanks.

For polyester clothing, I personally use 385° for 50 seconds on my heat press but each press may differ. A home iron or easy press is not recommended for these transfers. Use a sheet of butcher paper inside the shirt and on top of the design. Use a fresh sheet of butcher paper for every press in the case that the colors bleed onto the butcher paper. Do not use Teflon paper. I suggest cutting/tearing the transfer as close as possible to the design to help reduce the chance of transfer sheet marks. I recommend using heat tape which is for keeping the transfer in place and prevents ghosting. Light pressure is needed for sub transfers compared to vinyl work. Using a lint roller over the item before pressing will remove lint and prevent blue marks. For other substrates (mugs/ornaments), I recommend following the blank seller's suggested time and temperature settings.

···Heat Transfer Vinyl···
HTV transfers can go on a variety of material/fabrics such as 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and cotton/poly blends as well as a variety of colors! HTV transfers are printed using a commercial printer utilizing Eco-Solvent inks. These are for clothing/fabric only and are not intended to be used with cups/wood/etc. A heat press is also recommended to adhere the HTV rather than a home iron or easy press to give better and consistent results.HTV transfers come already weeded and with transfer tape applied. Some designs may come with a small white border depending on how detailed the design can be. Please let me know if this will be an issue before purchase. Peel the back carrier sheet away and you’re ready to lay it on your garment and press.Before pressing your transfer, preheat your garment for 3-5 seconds at 315°F. Place your already masked transfer onto your garment and press for 315° for 15 seconds with medium pressure. Peel the carrier sheet while hot, but slowly. If any part does not seem to be sticking while removing the transfer tape, lay it back down and press again, but increasing time and/or pressure. Each heat press is different.Care Instructions: Wait 24 hours before washing. Wash inside out using mild detergent. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Tumble dry low or hang to dry.